Monday, 16 April 2018

New Kitten!!

New Kitten!!

Today we got a new kitten and we names it Karma well Jazmine did. Here is what the kitten looks like 

Karma is a girl, and has blue eyes and black fur. (I know the heart doesn't look like a heart)

Friday, 13 April 2018

Ako Evening

Ako evening

It was Thursday 12th of April, and we were getting ready for the ako evening that was happening after school. I was doing the explanation of our favorite place in Panmure, I finish the presentation so we were put to the artwork. For the artwork we had to draw our favorite which is the Tripoli bakery, Here is the link to our work. 

We started off drawing the road, once we done that we used a black marker to outline the road, then we draw the building, it was pretty hard to draw a perfect line so we grabbed a ruler. We draw a big box then added the door and windows, then at the top of the building we wrote 'Tripoli Bakery, Bakery house' on top. Lizzy gave us an idea to draw the fish & chip shop next to it, and the Tripoli shop as well so we did another box and added windows and doors, once we done that we added the names 'Fish & Chips' and 'Tripoli Shop' Me and Arizona saw that it was to boring so we added color we started off doing the glass, and the flowers, that was on the other side of the shop, we used lots of color for example red, blue, pink and others Lizzy came and did a butterfly on the glass it was pretty, then we colored in the building we colored the Tripoli Bakery purple and the fish & chips shop a green and blue color, then for the Tripoli we colored that blue. After that we did the sidewalk grey and the clouds blue as the french brown.

We finally finished our work so we have our teacher our drawing so she can laminate it. I walked passed Ms. Aireen and she asked were our work is I said I sent it to Ms. Komor and Ms. Aireen said "Okay go tell her to print it" so I walked to Ms. Komor and said "Ms Komor, Ms. Aireen asked if you can print my work" then she said "Where is Centiny" and I said 
"she is in the other room"  
"Can you go get her please"
So I walked to the other room and tapped Centiny on the back and said "Ms. Komor wants you" and she walked to her, I sat down and Ms. Aireen said "Is she printing your work?" and I said "I don't know, do you want me to share it with you?" and she said "Yes go get your netbook" I walked to my locker and opened up my bag and grabbed my netbook, I went on my drive and clicked on my work I waited for it to load and once it did I click share, I wrote Ms. Aireens Gmail and send it to her. Then after that I just sat on the sit and waited for the next instruction.

We grabbed our bags and went to the main room, me and my friends grabbed a milk because we didn't have one, we drank our milk and started to talk to each other, Fine started to cry, it was about a rumor that started about her, I put my hands around her, and patted her on the back until she felt better she wrapped the tears off her faces and calmed down, the bell rang and the Ms. Komor said "is there anyone who is staying here?" and only 2 people put there hands up, and the rest went home.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Volleyball Reflection

Volleyball Reflection
WALT: Practice our volleyball skills

The school tournament is tomorrow last week was a pretty busy as because we had to practice our talent show performances we barely had time to practice volleyball because we were just to busy fundraising for our camp, so to make up for it we are going outside to the courts and practicing volleyball.

We walked outside to the tops courts and the teach counted us all she split us in half and 1 group had to stay at the tops courts as the other group goes to the bottom courts. Ms. Komor asked as "How many people are allowed on the court?" we said 6, so 6 people went on the court I was 1 of them. we wait for Ms Komor to tell us to start, our team started it off, they hit the ball as best as they could but they didn't get it over the net so we rolled it to the other team and the person who was serving the ball got it over, one of us hits the ball it went flying, they tried to hit the ball back over but it didn't go over the net. Ms. Komor saw that we weren't saying mine so she keeps remaining us to say it when you think you can go for the ball. It went on, people went off the court and other people came on.

It went on for an hour and Ms. Komor still hasn't taken me off yet, so I keep playing until it went on 10.20 that was when Ms. Komor told me off I finally could have a break, I asked if I could have a water Ms. said yes so I ran to get a water once I was done I came back and waited 9 minutes, and Ms Komor called me back on I went but the ball was in play I should of waited but I didn't, well I learned from my mistake. 10 minutes later Ms. Komor called us back in she said "Okay bring it in, you guys can have a drink then go to class" we raced there, me and Monita tried to be the first one there but lucky I made it just in time, I had a drink then walked up to class, I waited for the student and the teacher to come. The teacher came and open the door, we grabbed our netbooks and did a reflection on netball

Talent Show Reflection

Talent Show Reflection
IALT: Reflect on the talent show and to explain what happened that night.

We sat in the music room waiting for the talent show to start we waiting for like hours it felt like it was really boring in those times. As we were in the music room Gereanl Fiyah came, Fine was so happy she was screaming in my ear! I didn't believe it was really him who would of thought General Fiyah would come to Tamaki Primary, He was a bit shy he didn't really want to come in he music room because there were lots of student so he just sat outside with Akanesi.

Miss Aireen came in the music and told my group to practice our talent show, we get in our lines and waited for the music to play. 2 minutes later the music started, I started to rap my part " Shouting out my name (name), party in my brain (Brain) learning something everyday! (haha) Coralee straight rapping imma teach you something you about to learn something today (you see me)" Then Kensington started to rap his part "Yeah it's all them sky kids that about to get shook, my nice cool flow got all these kids hook, we went from being shy now we raising up our hands Coralee rap to me as I do my money dance like (Ayy) dancing on the stage like (Ayy) we about to learn something today, today oh yeah tripping all the knowledge everyone (out)" It was Akih and Brianna times to sing but Akih was nowhere to be found so me and Carra told over Akih place.

we all sat down again and when the time came we walked up on stage and looked at how much people came to the talent show, I was so scared as I walked on stage I felt like everyone was watching me but I still went up there, The song played (The Greatest Show Man - This is me) Edith, Lydia and Akanesi started us off " I'm not a stranger to the dark, hide away they say we don't want you broken parts, I learnt to be ashamed of all my scars ran away they say no one will love as you are. But I won't let them break me down to dust I know that their a place of us for we are glorious" we all started to sing "When the sharpest words wanna cut me down I'm gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out I am brave, I am bruised I am who I'm meant to be, this is me Look out 'cause here I come and I'm marching on to the beat I drum I'm not scared to be seen I make no apologies, this is me" once we were done we went off the stage and let the student do their talent!

Monita's group went up first we were sitting in the music room and we could hear them dancing, the next group went then the next we waited for a long time but then it we finally came we went up on the stage and waited for our song to start we gave it our all and tried our best, before we know it we were done and General Fiyah came up and sang he last song at Tamaki Primary. Then we ended the day with us singing This is me. 

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Hot Cakes

Today we went to technology there we make hot cakes here is the LINK to my work

Cheese Macaroni

Today for technology we made cheese macaroni, here is how we made it and what we did. Here is the LINK to the work

Thursday, 29 March 2018

IAL: What Figurative Language

IAL: What Figurative Language

I think Metaphor means when you are describing things around you, or when you are explaining what you think about something. 

On Monday for writing we are learning about what is Metaphor!! Here I am explaining about metaphors mean to me. For example, The classroom was a zoo.'

I think Similes mean when you are using the words like or as to describe something.

On Monday for writing we we're learning about Similes, For my blog I was explaining what similes mean to me, for example As brave as a lion, I chose lion for my example because lion are brave so that why I picked As brave as a lion for my example.


I Believe that Onomatopoeia means using sound effects in your story.

On Tuesday for writing we were learning about Onomatopoeia, For example, "The bomb went BOOM!!" Or you can say "To create sounds with words"


WAL: The meaning of 2 language

I think Personification mean when you are giving a Human qualities to Non-Human things

On Tuesday We're learning about Personification. For example, "Lighting was dancing around the sky"


I think Alliteration means when you try repeating beginning sounds
For example "People splash swish slast in the water"


I believe hyperbole means when you Exaggerate something that cannot be true
For example "I was so thirsty I could drink the whole pool"