Thursday, 17 August 2017

This hobby is about knucklebone and here are some fact about them click New Hobby to find my work

Buddy Writing

Narrative: The Adventure Of Bell

One day there was a teacher named  Miss Bell who was exploring the Wood/Jungle and little did she know that she wasn’t alone, she never knew that in the woods/Jungle belonged to a Gorilla named Kong, their also lived a man named Tarzan who also lived the the woods/jungle.

As Miss Bell strolled looking for somewhere to sleep it suddenly got dark but then she stopped as she heard something or someone creeping up at her,
She turn around slowly and heard an animal yelling in ANGER!, then turned around slowly and saw a big black hairy… “GORILLA,” she sprinted as fast as she could, suddenly she was at a dead end and turned around, quickly the gorilla SWOOPED her up and laid her on his back.

Later on the next morning Miss Bell woke up and saw that she was on top of a waterfall and behind was the gorilla
She screamed and yelled for help as loud as she could, she was so terrified then at that moment Kong took her in his hand and raised her up high then he let go and she was falling down the waterfall to her death, Then out of nowhere came a man swinging from a rope, He Grab her before she could touch the water, he told Miss Bell his Name, it was Tarzan.

Our PLays

Today in room 7 we are doing plays, for our plays we needed a setting a character and a problem, here is our play that my groups play. One Day in room 7 they had a circus, Miss Merielle she brag a shake and a elephant to the circus, “it was crazy” but then a boy name joshua open their cage because he thinks that it was funny. The Shake got out the chase the elephant, lucky that miss Merielle called the animal control, if she didn’t the shake would have eaten the elephant “well try too.” as the animal control people took away the animal we told each other that we are not going to have another circus again


My Hobbys

My Hobby

Here is what i have learnt about hobby,
i learning about how swimming has change for the past year