Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Gravity Review

Today for inquiry we were working on our gravity review

Solar System

Here is the presentation for our inquiry investigation. Soon there will be a video so watch out!! 

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Today we are about to go to the hall for tai chi, we line up outside the classroom then walked to the hall.

We made it to the hall and started to get into our lines. After we all got into our lines we started to do the tai chi positions. When we finished we grabbed a chair and sat in a semi circle, the teacher started off and once he was done it was Lydia's turn then Teresa's, then it was my turn I stood up and said "Hello my name is Coralee, and my positive comment is that the year 5 and 6 are having a rugby league tournament today, and my negative is that my 4 year old nephew went missing, but a half an hour later my dad found out that he was with his mother the whole time or you can say my sister" I sat back down and everyone else had a turn of speaking. 

Mr Gordon said "Our topic for this week is courage, what is courage?" A few people put their hands up, here is what one of my classmates said "Courage is when you are taking risk" after a few more hands Mr Gordon said "Yup, well courage is when you are brave" After talked about courage Mr gordon told us a story that has him showing courage. He started it off "As I was a little kid there was this lady with fruit trees and veggies you name it, but kids would jump over the fence to get 1-2 apples. One day my mate was like 'dude can you jump over the fence and get me a apple bro I can't get it' Nah lets just go ask, he started laughing but I went up to the door and he was at the fence has I was next to the door about to knock he really thought I wasn't gonna do it, but I knocked on the door and the lady quickly answered it and said 'WHAT DO U WANT' I just want an apple just one" She smiled and said "You were the first one to ask me, Come on come on" she said "Bring your friend to" The lady gave us a bag each that had fruits filled up to the top of the bag and every since then I went there every day 'cause I have to go past her house to get to mine so yeah.

We talked about other things as well like being safe and about some people getting abducted btu before we knew it, it was time to leave we put our chairs and away and started to line up we walked past the music room, library and classes we walked up the stairs and we into class. 

Are There Aliens In Our Solar System

Here is a screenshot of my question on the solar system

Friday, 15 June 2018

Types Of Mobile Phone Stand

Today for technology we are going to be doing different types of phone stands and here is what I found on the internet. The only reason we are doing this is because we are going to be making a phone stand for technology.

Design Brief

Design Brief
What is a phone stand?
A phone stand is a stand that hold our phones securely.
What is the purpose of a phone stand?
A phone stand is used to hold your phones when you are doing something like a video call or you are doing a musically or when you are watching video or movies such as Netflix, youtube and etc.
What does a phone stand do?
It holds your phone.
What materials can a phone stand be made from?
Lots of materials. There is so much I can’t been count on so I won’t list them all or i’ll be here for the 4 years.

Why do we need a phone stand?
So we can watch videos and movies and play games and video call people
Why is it called phone stand?
Because it is a stand that hold your phone.

When was a phone stand invented?
Feb 5, 2011.
When might we use a phone stand?
When we are watching something and etc.
When do we need to take a phone stand with us?
When we are going for a long ride and you don’t want to hold your phone so you put it at the back of the person chair in front of you.
Where was the phone stand originated?
It doesn’t say
Where will the phone stand be used?
Mostly everywhere

Who will use the phone stand?
Everyone who has a phone or ipad etc

How sturdy does your phone stand need to be?
Sturdy enough
How will I create my phone stand?
By following the instructions
How big does your phone stand have to be?
The right size for your phone



Today we are about to go to music. We line up outside and waited for Ms Komor to come and take us to the music room. Once Ms Komor came she started to take us to the music room, she stop a couple of times to see if  anyone was talking as she was taking all of us to the music room. 

We got to the music room and Ms Komor said "Talk to Caleb like you do before" but the the kapa haka people had to go to the hall lucky the hall was right next to the music room, so then the kapa haka people left and the rest of us went and sat down in the music room, I sat down next to Akih but then the kapa haka people came back saying "it's only the wednesday group we're the tuesday group". Fine and Carra came to sit next to us then Caleb said "We are going to start of with a game and yous can pick any game" He wrote on the board the option were treasure hunt, beat dog game, high low pitch game and Danger pattern. We all voted and the one that came up top was beat dog, I voted for high low pitch so I was quite sad because I loved that game but I just got over it and played it anyways.

We started to play and the person that started us off was Hamish. Once someone got out then I started it of "Wolf" to the right then Akih did "Wolf" to the right then Fine did "Wolf Wolf" but look The person next to him and then Fine thought he was doing it to the right but he wasn't so then Fien got out for not doing anything, Then Carra started it off "Wolf" to the left "Wolf" "Wolf" "Wolf" "Wolf" Until it got to me I did the "Wolf wolf" and looked at Carra then Akih went out. After the game we started to learn about to play the notes but we did it with our hands so we clapped to the beat and once that was over it was time to leave so we lined up and walked to class