Wednesday, 21 June 2017

How Does Color Affect You?

Today we are talking about how does it affect you when you see these color
these are the answer to the question

Cooking Fries

Today in room 7 we made Fries,
Miss Ashley Called group to make the fries first and started to wash the potato,
Miss Ashley said we didn't need to take the skin off because it has protein in it,
4 by 4 by everyone cut their potato and put it in oil so the spices is stuck to the potato,
Then we added the spices on  the fries and cook it until it was golden brown,
Then it time to eat.


Monday, 19 June 2017

Mcdonald Ads

WALT critically examine food advertisement This advertisement is selling: McDonald food so more people will want more and more

It is trying to persuade me to buy this product by.

  1. Adding what is happening
  2. Try to make me want it
  3. Maybe say “buy two ice cream get 1 free”

Friday, 16 June 2017

Tip Top Trip

Tip Top Trip YAY!!!

Today in room 7 we were going to the One and only tip top trip with room 8 and 5, we arrive at the tip top factory room 8 and little bit of room 5 and room 6 went first as room 7 and 5 and 6 stay and played at the playground. When  it was our turn we walk up the stair and waited in a ice cream room, and a lot of people were playing game like mama mama and hand game and also other games too. A lady came to the door and we all line up in our group and walk up to the factory and started watching how they make yummy yummy ice cream, she ask us what are the 3 things we use for ice cream, we raise our hands and said sugar cream and milk then we move to the cooling part. We felt the window and it felt really cold it was at 4’c so next you we had to smell little pole and find out what the flavour and it was oranger mint caramel and  goody goody gum drops then we arrived to the cheesecake maker and it makes 40 a minute that's why they make it every 1 month, We all quietly walk to the place where they pack the ice cream away, we walk over to a lady who holded up a chocolate but it and not just any chocolate it was a big chocolate we all try to grab it but we new we wasn’t allowed, then the lady ask us “who want some ice cream” we all yelled “ WE DO!!!” and we all walk into the magic room and grab a ice cream and sat down while watching a movie, we all finish our ice cream and said good bye to the tour lady. And we all went in the bus and ride to school