Friday, 18 May 2018

Camp Goals

Today we were working on our camp goals because camp is coming up so here is my camp goal presentation

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Tai Chi Reflection

Tai Chi Reflection
WALT: Learn the moves of Tai Chi

Today we are lining outside our classroom waiting to go to tai chi. Ms.Komor leads us to the hall but when we got there, their were already people there until we looked in the music room. 

We walked in and Mr.Gordon told us to find a space, we went in lines of 3 and then follow the teaches moves. After that, we grabbed a chair and sat in a semi circle, it was time to introduce ourselves, Mr.Gordon went first, once he was done we all did it, when it was my turn I stand up and said "Hi my name is Coralee and my positive comment is that camp is coming up, and my negative comment is that I feel off my skateboard. And my random act of kindness is that I did the dishes" I sat back down and it was leilani turns she was the last person, she said her positive comment and her negative comment and her random act of kindness once she was done she sat back down.

 We started to play a game he didn't tell us what it was called only that we have 3 choices and the 3 choices are animal, superhero or famous person and whoever guessed it right gets a turn but the people who are not doing the animal or superhero or famous people they are picking what they are doing. Edit went up first we said animal so she was thinking of what animal she should do, she went down and put 2 hands up to her chin and the first thing people said was frog but I quickly said dog I thought that it was frog and not dog but then Edit said it was dog so I standed up and people said famous person so I was thinking for a while cause I really didn't know what to do so I did the Beyonce if you like it then you should of put a ring on it move. we all had a turn and before we knew it, it was time to go we put our chairs away and walked to class.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Kebabs & Salad

Kebabs & Salad 

Today for technology the year 7 are going to be making kebabs and a salad. Me and Arizona and working with each other as Carra was working with Fe'ao and Mason working with Loaf, So we started off by boiling the water after we did that we added in the pasta. As the pasta was cooking we started to cut the veggies. We finished cutting and we check the pasta it was soft and cooked so we took the drainer and drained all the water out of the pasta under cold water. The teacher told us how we have to od our Kebab first off we add the sausage then we added green bell pepper, then the yellow one and then we added another sausage and now we put a tomato and then marshmoom and then another sausage and then done we did that until everything was gone and once it was we put it in the oven on now we added the Pasta in another bowl that Ms. Gave us and put in the pasta with the Veggies that was in it, Once cook Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

My First Blog Reflection Of Term 2 2018

What I Did In The School Holidays

Today for my first reflection of the year I am going to be talking about 2 interesting things did in the holidays. 

1. The first interesting thing I did in the school holidays was going to the movies, we watched jumanji I already watched it but Leon and Paris hasn't so instead of rampage we watch jumanji, even though I already watched it, it was still funny every time. My favourite character was Kevin Heart I liked him he was super funny I laughed every time, but my favourite bit of the movie is the part when the girl was dance fighting it looked so cool.

2. The second interesting thing I did in the holidays was playing on the Xbox one x. When I went on the Xbox I played fortnite, it was my first time so I didn't really know what to do until my brother told me, so there is a count on the top right corner, and when that count goes to 0 the storm well come and kill you but if you make it to the circle before the storm you won't die but we'll have to fight the other team, there is about 20 people in each team and we have to kill them all and the last team standing wins but if you was killed you can't come back like Call Of Duty so you only get 1 life, I was a noob at the start but then I got the hang of the game.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018


WALT: follow the instruction

Year 7 (Quiche)

Step 1 - Whisk 4 eggs and 1/2 milk, ham, cheese 
Step 2 - Cut the pastry into a circle
Step 3 - Spray the muffin tray paste the pastry inside the tray
Step 4 - Fill up 1 spoon each and top up with cheese and bake 180c for 10-15 minutes


Today for technology we were going to be making quiche. We walked in and grabbed all the things we needed was 4 eggs 1/2 cups of milk, ham and cheese. We started off whisking the 4 eggs then adding the milk and mix that together. We cut up the ham, and then added it in the bowl then cut up the pastry into a cicrle, once you've done that spray the muffin tray paste the [astry inside the tray and then fill up 1 spoon each and top up with cheese and bake 180c for 10-15 minutes then it should be ready to eat!

Monday, 16 April 2018

New Kitten!!

New Kitten!!

Today we got a new kitten and we names it Karma well Jazmine did. Here is what the kitten looks like 

Karma is a girl, and has blue eyes and black fur. (I know the heart doesn't look like a heart)

Friday, 13 April 2018

Ako Evening

Ako evening

It was Thursday 12th of April, and we were getting ready for the ako evening that was happening after school. I was doing the explanation of our favorite place in Panmure, I finish the presentation so we were put to the artwork. For the artwork we had to draw our favorite which is the Tripoli bakery, Here is the link to our work. 

We started off drawing the road, once we done that we used a black marker to outline the road, then we draw the building, it was pretty hard to draw a perfect line so we grabbed a ruler. We draw a big box then added the door and windows, then at the top of the building we wrote 'Tripoli Bakery, Bakery house' on top. Lizzy gave us an idea to draw the fish & chip shop next to it, and the Tripoli shop as well so we did another box and added windows and doors, once we done that we added the names 'Fish & Chips' and 'Tripoli Shop' Me and Arizona saw that it was to boring so we added color we started off doing the glass, and the flowers, that was on the other side of the shop, we used lots of color for example red, blue, pink and others Lizzy came and did a butterfly on the glass it was pretty, then we colored in the building we colored the Tripoli Bakery purple and the fish & chips shop a green and blue color, then for the Tripoli we colored that blue. After that we did the sidewalk grey and the clouds blue as the french brown.

We finally finished our work so we have our teacher our drawing so she can laminate it. I walked passed Ms. Aireen and she asked were our work is I said I sent it to Ms. Komor and Ms. Aireen said "Okay go tell her to print it" so I walked to Ms. Komor and said "Ms Komor, Ms. Aireen asked if you can print my work" then she said "Where is Centiny" and I said 
"she is in the other room"  
"Can you go get her please"
So I walked to the other room and tapped Centiny on the back and said "Ms. Komor wants you" and she walked to her, I sat down and Ms. Aireen said "Is she printing your work?" and I said "I don't know, do you want me to share it with you?" and she said "Yes go get your netbook" I walked to my locker and opened up my bag and grabbed my netbook, I went on my drive and clicked on my work I waited for it to load and once it did I click share, I wrote Ms. Aireens Gmail and send it to her. Then after that I just sat on the sit and waited for the next instruction.

We grabbed our bags and went to the main room, me and my friends grabbed a milk because we didn't have one, we drank our milk and started to talk to each other, Fine started to cry, it was about a rumor that started about her, I put my hands around her, and patted her on the back until she felt better she wrapped the tears off her faces and calmed down, the bell rang and the Ms. Komor said "is there anyone who is staying here?" and only 2 people put there hands up, and the rest went home.