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Today we made aboriginal art, this is art is when you only use dots for the art, all you need is paint, ear bug and that it, and after you have all of that you need to design it however you want, and when your happy with it wait for it to fry and that it



Aboriginal Nation

Native Americans

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Partner Yoga

It the Afternoon near the end of school, Miss Ashley EXPLAINED that we were going to play a game Called Partner Yoga (well i don’t know if it is a game anyway) She asked us to clear the classroom so we have space to do our partner yoga. After the classroom was clear Miss Ashley showed us a photo of people doing yoga, But here the caught we had to tried and do the position they were in, the first one as easy for some people because they were FLEXIBLE, it was HILARIOUS seeing people falling and trying!!. It was a amazing how people were able to BALANCE them self on their partner,

After everyone got their picture taken we all sat down on the mat, and waited for Miss Ashley to show us the next Yoga Position, but before she showed us the picture she told us to breath in and out just like “INHALE EXHALE” it really got us relaxed, so now she showed us the next photo, it look hard but i METICULOUSLY put my foot on her back, we CRUMBLED TO THE FLOOR, but guess what!! Mistake are proof that you are trying!!. It was a BOISTEROUS time, as the fun EXTENDED it was coming to an end.

Miss Ashley had no more photo on here presentation, so Miss Ashley
said “what do you guy want to do now?”
I replied “PE”
As palf the class said “MORE YOGA”
But then Merielle said “Miss Ashley we should do half and half!”

So then we did 2 more yoga and headed to the court, then we started play invisible touch

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Obstacle course

It was a tuesday, the birds were flying, and the sun was shining. It was the second day of school, and already up for school, i got dressed and waited for my brother and sister to get ready too, after everyone was ready we head off to school, and started hanging out with our friend.

The bell rang, we all race to our classrooms, thinking we will be the first one there. As we got to our classrooms we started to do the roll. After Miss Ashley did the roll, Miss explained what we were about to do, Miss Ashley said it was, the game we did in term 1. The Blindfold Game.

Here is how to setup.
First find a buddy, then take a blindfold and fold it other your buddy eye, after that set up an Obstacle course, and now you are ready to play.
How to play.
So when your teacher call your blindfold Buddy,
Now because they can’t see you need to Guild her or him
After you guild them you need to tell her or him To touch the back wall. And then that all.

After we all had a turn and also your buddy, then you can play that game with another friend, or even tach them. This game is handy because if you are blind you can let your friend guild you wherever you want to go.

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Room 7 and Room 8

Today in room 7 we were about to go to room 8,  we line up next to the door  and walked to the other room. As we sat down Miss Morison welcome us into her classroom, she started explaining what she was about to do, she pour milk into a plate she added two colour on top of the milk she ask us “what do we think is going to happen when i add dishwashing liquid.Here is some people ideas. It is going to bubble up, it’s going to explode, and other thing.

Miss Morison grabbed a stool and dipped it in the dishwashing liquid in it she pulled it out. And slowly added it to the milk, My eye could not believe what they saw. The color were BRUSHING into the other colour, Miss Morison said to get into group. As we found out buddy, we got a plate and poured the color and milk in. Dywane took the first shoot, it was amazing we all had a turn putting the dishwashing in the colored milk.

After 10 minutes of playing with the milk, one person from each group took the plate of milk to the sink and tipped it out. Miss morison said how every is sitting up the best, can do the milk color thing again. After about 5 minutes every group tipped the milk in the sink, Miss morison picked the group right next to us, my group was disappointed, but we got over it and still had a great time, Miss morison said it was amazing having us here and would like to do it again sometime, and then Room 7/My class went off to the class next door and started to have our lunch.

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Ako Evening

Last night we had an ako evening
Here are some displaces

Screenshot 2017-09-28 at 09.07.11.png
Screenshot 2017-09-28 at 09.16.48.png

Here are people from our class teaching other people who to play and do some game
The Kid become the teacher

Screenshot 2017-09-28 at 09.19.51.png
Here is hevani teaching her dad how to play Chatter Ring
Screenshot 2017-09-28 at 09.21.36.png
Here you can see stanley sketching Syraiah-Lee
What Amazing work so far
Screenshot 2017-09-28 at 09.23.50.png
Here is hiria, sewing on our tamaki primary, sewing machine  
Hiria is trying to make a bag
Screenshot 2017-09-28 at 09.26.40.png
Look at Merielle playing elastic, wow she really good
Keep up the good work
Screenshot 2017-09-28 at 09.28.31.png
Look at the amazing artist is our class STANLEY. He is giving the little michael jackson, a sketch over
Stankey “can i have an autograph.
Screenshot 2017-09-28 at 09.30.47.png
Here is some other kid from Room 7 singing karaoke
If you were here, they had amazing voices

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Coralee What is the sun and what does it do?

Coralee How does the solar system work?

Giant Potion

One day Edith was getting ready for school. Edith school, was the best which school in the world. She started to Think. Edith said: “Hmm i think it time for a prank” she mumble. As her was making the prank potion, she started to think what kind of prank should she do?. Edith ask some of her friend to help do the prank and help her find out what kind of prank they are going to do, One of her friend named Coralee, Told her to make a potion for the giant made of stone, Hevani “Yeah you should make the potion to turn him alive” Edith “WOW great idea Coralee And Hevani”
The Walked Off telling Coralee they are doing it alone.

Hevani and Edith Walked to the door, to the potion and turn the Doorknob but it was locked. The ran up the stairs and got Coralee, without waiting the other Whichest. They Told Her that she needed to pick lock the door so they can make the potion Coralee Said “Okay but only if i can be part of this plan” Hevani and Edith talk for a bet and then they said “okay you can be in, So come on” Coralee got her wand and she, “pick the lock one and twice i wave my wand now open the door” The door open, and made a loud noise, Lopi hear the noise from upstair and came down to have a look. Coralee quickly wand her wand and made them invisible, Hevani and Edith Was Lucky because Coralee cloud do magic really good, as Hevani and Edith Was Still Learning Lopi Looked around, and saw no one was there, she locked the door behind him, so no one can go back in.

Coralee revise the Magic spell from making them invisible. They turn back into their normal color, they took the ingredients the was, dragon's breath,rats heart,the tear of a which,swap water and the blood of a living person. Coralee said “why do you need my BLOOD!!” Hevani “ because you have more power and you can control the giant better because you are good at ,magic” Coralee said “Control?” Edith “yeah if we use only a little bit of your blood you are the controller of the giant” Coralee “Oh Okay?” They got all the ingredients and mixed it all in, and the last ingredient they needed was Coralee Blood, Hevani brag a pin and poked her on the arm and dripped the blood in the Pot and started to mix never more.

it's started to became morning the Other Which started to wake up, and just in time the potion was dont, it turn and nice blue, we took it out and put it in a bottle and went underground and placed the potion all over the giant, at first it did nothing but then everything started to shake, i fell of the giant and tried to hoop back on i told it to break it way up to the front of the school, it was hard for me to stay on, because the dirt keep hitting my face. Finally it came out from under and, started to ROAR!!!. Hevani yelled get off get off But i couldn't, Edith ran to the potion and made a potion to made the giant stone again, she mix it faster this time and the potion was ready in 3 minutes, she put it in a bottle again and throw it on the giant but she missed, the giant hit her away from the bottle, and Coralee could not control the giant no more. Hevani raced to the bottle and just made she throw the bottle but this Coralee caught it, she hit the giant with the bottle, and YAY finally the giant went back to stone, everyone was happy and kind of angry too. The teacher, she they can not come back to school until 10 day as past.
10 day later, they came back to school, everyone was looking at them and made lots of new friends. The teacher of the potion room, told us “they need a good job, the potion you guys did was a level 84 potion, you guy did it right, i have to give you and a++” Hevani said “this is the best day EVER!!” Coralee And Edith agreed and every was amazing  NOT!!

Coralee [:})  

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The Boy WHo Cried "WOLF"

The Boy who cried 'Wolf'

Once there was a shepherd boy. The little kids was short and had brown dark hair hair. He had to look after a flock of sheep. One day, he felt sad and decided to play a prank to the people in the village. He spoke loudly, “Help! Wolf! Wolf!”
The villagers heard his cries and ran fast out of the village to help the shepherd boy. When they got to him, they asked, “Where is the wolf?”
The shepherd boy laughed loudly, “Ha, Ha, Ha! I tricked you all ha ha. I was only playing a prank on you’s.”
A few weeks later, the sun was shining and the boy was bored again. The shepherd boy played another trick again.
He cried, “Help! Help! Wolf! Wolf!” Again, the villagers moved fast up the hill to help him and again they found that the boy had tricked them. They were not happy with him for being a bad shepherd boy.
A few days later, it was bad weather. The boy watched a wolf really walk into the field. The wolf attacked one sheep, and then another and another. It was terrible. The shepherd boy ran towards the village saying loudly, “Help! Help! Wolf! Help! Somebody!”
The villagers heard his cries but they laughed because they thought it was just another prank.
The boy ran to the nearest villager and said, “A wolf is attacking the sheep. I lied before, but this time it is true!”
Finally, the villagers went to look. It was was no lie. They could see the wolf running away and many dead sheep lying on the grass dead.

We may not believe someone who often tells lies, even when he tells the truth.

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Today in room 7 we went and did some hobby, the hobby’s were lego,hand sewing,sewing,3D printing. Miss Ashley Put guy in groups, After we got into our groups we started to go to different station and every 20 minutes (i think) we swap station and do the other Hobby my group did, sow the hand sew then train and lastly we did lego, after we all had a turn Miss Ashley gave as some time to do any Hobby we want, i really liked hand sewing so i made a little bag, Lydia showed Miss Ashley and she Grep it, Miss Ashley told me to do it 2 time so it doesn't break like it did before, so that is the end and we pack up and had a little game of heads down thumbs up.

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New Hobby

This hobby is about knucklebone and here are some fact about them click New Hobby to find my work

Buddy Writing

Narrative: The Adventure Of Bell

One day there was a teacher named  Miss Bell who was exploring the Wood/Jungle and little did she know that she wasn’t alone, she never knew that in the woods/Jungle belonged to a Gorilla named Kong, their also lived a man named Tarzan who also lived the the woods/jungle.

As Miss Bell strolled looking for somewhere to sleep it suddenly got dark but then she stopped as she heard something or someone creeping up at her,
She turn around slowly and heard an animal yelling in ANGER!, then turned around slowly and saw a big black hairy… “GORILLA,” she sprinted as fast as she could, suddenly she was at a dead end and turned around, quickly the gorilla SWOOPED her up and laid her on his back.

Later on the next morning Miss Bell woke up and saw that she was on top of a waterfall and behind was the gorilla
She screamed and yelled for help as loud as she could, she was so terrified then at that moment Kong took her in his hand and raised her up high then he let go and she was falling down the waterfall to her death, Then out of nowhere came a man swinging from a rope, He Grab her before she could touch the water, he told Miss Bell his Name, it was Tarzan.

Our PLays

Today in room 7 we are doing plays, for our plays we needed a setting a character and a problem, here is our play that my groups play. One Day in room 7 they had a circus, Miss Merielle she brag a shake and a elephant to the circus, “it was crazy” but then a boy name joshua open their cage because he thinks that it was funny. The Shake got out the chase the elephant, lucky that miss Merielle called the animal control, if she didn’t the shake would have eaten the elephant “well try too.” as the animal control people took away the animal we told each other that we are not going to have another circus again


My Hobbys

My Hobby

Here is what i have learnt about hobby,
i learning about how swimming has change for the past year

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Today in Room7 after MT we started to read, we stop reading around 12:10 can started walking to the hall, ready for Hip Hop. We arrived at the hall and sat on the mat waiting for our teacher, She came and told us her name, it was "Jasmine " she rubbed out the answer for the question she was going to tell us, Jasmine said " can you guy read out the 4 elements they were, ART,MUSIC,DANCE and POETRY" we has to answer what they stand for so ART is for graffiti, MUSIC stand for DJ because we need music and DJ give us the music, POETRY stand for RAP OR MC, and the last one DANCE stand for Breakdancing, Break and if u are a boy you are called Bboy and girl are called Bgirl, So that what the 4 elements stand for. After that we stand up and did a warm up dance but first we talked about why Hip Hop started, "so Hip Hop started in 1973 around that time the African american and the Latino were feeling REPRESSED, so they made Hip Hop to Expressed them self and show people what they feel, SO now we started to HIP HOP. First we did a step by step dance called the smurf here is the link to the video LINK.
After that we made a circle and one by one we all had to do a dance move "i was really scared so i did a basic dance move"  so that is what we did for Hip Hop

WALT write Haiku Peoms

Crying my heart out
i run and hide in our car
Crying by myself

Singing my heart out
dancing like no one watching
Jumping up and down

running far away
i will run away from horror
fearful, freaking out 

punching the window 
hurt the person who punch me
Freaking Out, Pressured

don't like yuck dresses
eating not really yum food
yuck stuff in my face

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Constable Teina

Today Constable Teina Come to room 7
The first thing we did was:

  1. We grabbed a masks and cut it and glue it.
  2. We got into groups of 4 and 5 and talk about what is wrong and what is right.
  3. Constable Teina told a story and we had to put up our mask if she had told a lie.
  4. We talked about what lie do and how do you know if someone is lying.
  5. Then we write down who is our role model and write why and what do you feel when they make you happy.
  6. After that Constable Teina Left and we all went back to our classes


Today In Room 7 We When To KiwiSport
We all line up next to the door walking to the court but people were excited because there was a new kid in our class, he like the game we played golden child we all laughed and played the game but first we played line basketball and the other team won and there team name was all back like the new zealand rugby team and our team was called Tamaki Thunder.”I think that our named is the best” SOOO..! now we played Golden Child so what you have to do is
  1. Get into 2 team
  2. One of the teams running and the other scoring and ball into the hoop
  • Rules
  • If the team get a score and you were running you need to stop until the golden child
  • When the golden child is running you need to run with her to the end but if  someone gets it in, the whole team is out then they swap
  • One more thing the golden child gos last  make sure because if the fastest go then someone else has to be the golden child
And as we all played time when past  and less and less of the time was gone until we had to go back to class, BUT  FIRST we had to say goodbye because it was our last time for basketball people started being sad but also happy because it was an amazing day until we had to walk up the stair and people were so tired, i think that was the most funny and happy day ever and then we did math but as we were doing math the bell rang “SO SAD SO SAD” but hope you enjoy the story and see you guy next time


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

How Does Color Affect You?

Today we are talking about how does it affect you when you see these color
these are the answer to the question

Cooking Fries

Today in room 7 we made Fries,
Miss Ashley Called group to make the fries first and started to wash the potato,
Miss Ashley said we didn't need to take the skin off because it has protein in it,
4 by 4 by everyone cut their potato and put it in oil so the spices is stuck to the potato,
Then we added the spices on  the fries and cook it until it was golden brown,
Then it time to eat.


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Mcdonald Ads

WALT critically examine food advertisement This advertisement is selling: McDonald food so more people will want more and more

It is trying to persuade me to buy this product by.

  1. Adding what is happening
  2. Try to make me want it
  3. Maybe say “buy two ice cream get 1 free”

Friday, 16 June 2017

Tip Top Trip

Tip Top Trip YAY!!!

Today in room 7 we were going to the One and only tip top trip with room 8 and 5, we arrive at the tip top factory room 8 and little bit of room 5 and room 6 went first as room 7 and 5 and 6 stay and played at the playground. When  it was our turn we walk up the stair and waited in a ice cream room, and a lot of people were playing game like mama mama and hand game and also other games too. A lady came to the door and we all line up in our group and walk up to the factory and started watching how they make yummy yummy ice cream, she ask us what are the 3 things we use for ice cream, we raise our hands and said sugar cream and milk then we move to the cooling part. We felt the window and it felt really cold it was at 4’c so next you we had to smell little pole and find out what the flavour and it was oranger mint caramel and  goody goody gum drops then we arrived to the cheesecake maker and it makes 40 a minute that's why they make it every 1 month, We all quietly walk to the place where they pack the ice cream away, we walk over to a lady who holded up a chocolate but it and not just any chocolate it was a big chocolate we all try to grab it but we new we wasn’t allowed, then the lady ask us “who want some ice cream” we all yelled “ WE DO!!!” and we all walk into the magic room and grab a ice cream and sat down while watching a movie, we all finish our ice cream and said good bye to the tour lady. And we all went in the bus and ride to school

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Banana Bread

Today i room 7 we are making banana bread yum, it's like the banana octs pancake but is a cake bread thing? first we got into groups of 4, then we grab and bowl with banana i it and start mashing it. after it's mash grab another bowl and first put 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract then add 1 egg little bit on salt and 1 or 2 cup of flour, and also add one cup of butter and start to mix until it look like dow. after that pour it in a pan or a tray if you like, then wait for it to cook and it will turn like this.

Yum Yum Yum Enjoy