Monday, 20 February 2017

Recount Spelling test

Monday 20TH Feb 2017

Today room 7 is doing a spelling test as miss ashley call out the words we need to was easy at first then it got hard. I saw some of the class try to spell a word but they couldn't spell but i like that they keeped try even i could spell a word but i keeped try too...

Some people in my class think it boring and one of those people is me but then i something top up in my brain that when we do spelling test it make us learn new and  wonderful words  that we know to this day. So that why spelling is imported because if we didn’t know how to spell that mean you can write story or even you might not know how to read probably that why reading is imported.

It was hard for me to spell 100 word because i can get scared and people might look at my work and tell me that the  word is wrong and 1 of them is right but i know they are lying because they had not seen  my test and i know i'm doing good in reading writing and math


  1. I like how you have included why spelling is important. You have got the who/when/where/what part, and also you have got paragraphs which is awesome.
    Next steps - adding more interesting words, adjectives and similes.