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I am learning to summarise a text WATER WORRIES

T1 W5
I am learning to summarise a text
I can put the main ideas of the page into one or two sentences
Water Worries - School Journal, L3, April 2012

Write a summary of each page in the box on the right.
Remember you should only have one or two sentences to summarise the ideas for each page.

Page 38
This page is about…
Every drop counts because in the future there will not be water left to drink
Page 39
This page is about…
An endless cycle. When people get the water from lake river streams and springs
Page 40-41
These pages are about…
The water.  The sun driver the water cycle and some of this water rises into air colder temperatures force to rain,hail or snow
Page 42-43
These pages are about…
The problems. The quantity of water available on earth will never change and worker take a water sample to test the levels
Page 44
This page is about…
There is problem about climate changes and the world weather pattern are are changing too..
Page 45
This page is about…
Unusual water solution. Some counties are having serious water problem
Page 46
This page is about...
{Our water future} how can we help to safe water like shorter shower and not wasting water
Page 47
This page is about…
Harvesting rain. Where to get water and how to clean the water
Page 48
This page is about…
How to collect water in when it rain because this person made a container out of bamboo and many more.

Complete these sentences using information from the text

  1. Often, we take for granted being able to drink the water
  2. We get out water from all kinds of places, such as river lake   streams  springs
  3. All water in the world is part of the water cycle
  4. The water cycle is when the sun drive the water cycle then it heats the water in the ocean
  5. When the sun heats water in oceans, rivers and lakes, some of that water
  6. When it gets colder, moisture in clouds turns into rain hail or snow
  7. Some of this gets absorbed back into the Earth, where it in the ocean
  8. Because of the water cycle, the amount of water we have on Earth is endless
  9. Serious pressure is being put on the water supply in Canterbury because of rain water
  10. Rainwater washes the ground
  11. Anything that goes into outdoor drains is water
  12. In many places around the world, not enough water
  13. Less rainfall has caused some rivers to dry up, including greenhouse gase
  14. Desalination means removing water
  15. Fog harvesting is when there is different temperature
  16. Everyone can help use less water by
    1. Shorter shower
    2. Not wasting water
    3. Not tipping your water outside
    4. Not filling up your cup if you are not going to drink it all
  17. Rain can be harvested by container
  18. To make your own rain harvester, you need bamboo

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  1. Great work Coralee. You have shown that you know how to find the main ideas in a story and write a 2 sentence summary for it. You are on your way to achieving your goals!