Friday, 3 March 2017

Creek Recount

On Wednesday room 7 and room 4 were going to the creek. we had to buddy up and i got 2 buddy i had to watch over them so they don't get hurt. When we were done buddying up we line up outside a started walking our teacher mrs Ashley said “room 2 is coming with us” then we started walking again it just took us about 5 minutes to get there.when we got there we all walked under the tree looking and the river and the meadow.

The teacher were talking what they were going to do. After that miss Ashley took some people the other half stay and the creek we i Coralee’ said “i saw an EEL!” me #Coralee Lydia Villiam and edith got a stick and tried to free the eel when it swim to the grass lucky there was water for i to stay alive.a after a long time i pulled the grass high another for the eel to swim free and we did free it because Lydia saw the same eel from before some that was a job well done.

But lydia thought it was a free so we went to find better stick. As we were doing that lydia saw the Eels swimming free, then she told me “Coralee Coralee the eel did you see it go past!!”  but i said no, she looked at me with a sad face, it made me sad too… but on the way back to them i saw part of a tree house at the creek and also people didn’t see the on one of the tree there is a bucket filled up with anything. After all of that when when back to School and drank our milk and when home.

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