Monday, 15 May 2017

Food pyramid/what we want to learn

Today i room 7 we were doing a food pyramid
a food pyramid is a way of telling yourself that is it good or is it not
so there are three spaces. the bottom one is the good stuff
and middle one is the thing you ca kind of eat and the last top one is all the bad food you only should eat a little bit off.

and here you see boy or girl still working together in a team magnificent how they work fast and proud stressed but amazing of the work they have done 

So this is all the thing we want to learn what we want to know and what we have learnt 
room 7 and room 4 and 5 worked on our ideas and wrote what we want and did to learn about like what kind of sugar is good and bad for us and how to make chocolate, all of those great ideas. ow and make sure you drink 8 cups of water every since day

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