Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Kiwi Can

Today we went to kiwi and was learning about Responsibility. Responsibility mean doing the right thing and if you find a phone it your responsibility to return it. After we talked about responsibility we started playing a game, it was called you can pass, so the rules for the game is, there will be one tagger and if the tagger say you can pass if you are wearing black you can pass without getting tag and if the left over people that are still there have to run and the tagger have to tag them but, if you get tag you have to stand where you got tag also if someone claps under your leg you are free to run. After some games, we started playing another game but this game is chain so if you get tag you need to hook to the person who tag, ohh and also we played another game called save your partner so what you do is, you get into peers the one is front will be the tagger and the one at the back is the partner so if you tag the other person partner they are out and the last person standing are the winners. after a long day of kiwi can we went to the library and return our book and headed back to class

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