Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Today In Room 7 We When To KiwiSport
We all line up next to the door walking to the court but people were excited because there was a new kid in our class, he like the game we played golden child we all laughed and played the game but first we played line basketball and the other team won and there team name was all back like the new zealand rugby team and our team was called Tamaki Thunder.”I think that our named is the best” SOOO..! now we played Golden Child so what you have to do is
  1. Get into 2 team
  2. One of the teams running and the other scoring and ball into the hoop
  • Rules
  • If the team get a score and you were running you need to stop until the golden child
  • When the golden child is running you need to run with her to the end but if  someone gets it in, the whole team is out then they swap
  • One more thing the golden child gos last  make sure because if the fastest go then someone else has to be the golden child
And as we all played time when past  and less and less of the time was gone until we had to go back to class, BUT  FIRST we had to say goodbye because it was our last time for basketball people started being sad but also happy because it was an amazing day until we had to walk up the stair and people were so tired, i think that was the most funny and happy day ever and then we did math but as we were doing math the bell rang “SO SAD SO SAD” but hope you enjoy the story and see you guy next time


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