Thursday, 8 June 2017

should animal be kept to zoo and should zoo exist

Animal should be kept in zoo
I think animal should be kept in zoo because in the wild they would get hunted down and kill by there own kind and if they keep getting kill less and less of them will be alive. Also there they are having a Breeding Program to make sure they don’t get  extinct and get feeded the right amount of they need, But they [ protected for their enemies

So because there are having a breeding program more and more of them are get born and so they can not getting  extinct at the same time, and also being protected as they are breeding and in the zoo as they are showing off that they are animals. For Example : In New Zealand Zoos they are breeding  extinct animals so they don’t get  extinct, And Also getting hurt animal and healing them and then take them back to the wild again

Another reason is, animal and sea creature are not getting taking care of because For Example this sea creature called glaucus atlanticus are getting  extinct because us people are dumping your rubbish in the water and the rubbish is making them sick and die from all the oil and germs

Animal should be kept in zoo because it is hard to found food  in the wild and if the animal need food they kill other animal so they don’t feel  hungry

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