Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Should Phone be in School


In my opinion..
Some believe that..
I feel that..
… therefore …
… moreover …
In the same way..
On the other hand..
In this situation…

I feel that it is a parents responsibility to decide if their child can have a phone or not, that responsibility should not fall to the school or the teacher.

Some people might argue that having phones in school could lead to more cyberbullying, on the other hand, at TPS we do Cybersmart which teaches us how to be responsible on the internet.

Title: _______Should phone be in schools___________________________________
Phone should not be in school because they surely make people distracted with the phone a and also they go on games when it is learning time and they can take picture of someone else work and copy it then they have all the answer

First paragraph:

When people have phones they distracted other classmates when they are learning and working

When friend see you playing game on your phone they want to play to then you make them want to play with you
As kid play with phone they are like taking pic and having so much fun, and when if they are still kept playing they will want to play on the phone more and more and more and if they still want to play with it, they might get crazy without it.

They can also distracted other in learning when you friend or classmate is playing game, and then you just really really want them to stop playing game and start working on their work

I think it is best without cellphone because in my opinion classes can get little over distracted from like a phone they got from home like fidget sinner ever one want one but it distract the class that is how you know phone will distract the class too.

Second paragraph:

Go on games when the teacher is not looking.

When you go on games you want to play and play more, and because your phone is little you are able to play on it without the teacher looking and taking your phone away so this is a really good idea because the phone are tiny people can like hide their phone behind a chair and the teacher will not see it


I this situation kids all over the world have phones, but it is bad to because if kids and phone people will call them when they are that school and the ringing tone comes and people knows now that she have a phone but then if a bully heard that someone had a phone they or he might take it when she gos class

Games and surely making kids want to play more and go’s for the same to phone

This is my idea why kid should not have phone at school

Third paragraph:


Kid might take photo of someone work then copy it

Kids love taking photo because it is fun but like when they find out about facebook and stuff they would like go on it at school so they can talk to people
As we play game on our phones kid like to play game so when u they go to school they will get there phone and start playing games

I think that kid should not be playing game on phone because the games will distract you when you start working


Summarise the 3 ideas
I think that we should not have phone because they distract other classmate and kid will take picture and play games

Recommendations or reflections
I think this was boring because we just add to write about what happened but i liked that we all had different idea i really liked that

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