Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Today in Room7 after MT we started to read, we stop reading around 12:10 can started walking to the hall, ready for Hip Hop. We arrived at the hall and sat on the mat waiting for our teacher, She came and told us her name, it was "Jasmine " she rubbed out the answer for the question she was going to tell us, Jasmine said " can you guy read out the 4 elements they were, ART,MUSIC,DANCE and POETRY" we has to answer what they stand for so ART is for graffiti, MUSIC stand for DJ because we need music and DJ give us the music, POETRY stand for RAP OR MC, and the last one DANCE stand for Breakdancing, Break and if u are a boy you are called Bboy and girl are called Bgirl, So that what the 4 elements stand for. After that we stand up and did a warm up dance but first we talked about why Hip Hop started, "so Hip Hop started in 1973 around that time the African american and the Latino were feeling REPRESSED, so they made Hip Hop to Expressed them self and show people what they feel, SO now we started to HIP HOP. First we did a step by step dance called the smurf here is the link to the video LINK.
After that we made a circle and one by one we all had to do a dance move "i was really scared so i did a basic dance move"  so that is what we did for Hip Hop

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