Tuesday, 20 March 2018

History Of Benghazi

The history of Benghazi
During December in 1941 the people that lived on Benghazi went to Italy and 188 people from Benghazi died.
One year later on 16th of August the Nino Bixio was transporting to Benghazi the Allies of Libya. After the day at Benghazi the Nino Bixio was attacked by the british submarine. It did not sink but was towed in Southern Greece where the soldiers were buried.The US mission in Benghazi, Libya, is attacked and burned. An attack later that night involves mortar and rocket fire against a US diplomatic annex in the city.

In 1942 when the Nino Bixio was attacked, to feed the prisoners at war they would use an empty jam or meat can to cook. They would put the food on some bricks, and fuelled with anything that would burn. They used tin stoves made from tins that were flattened out. These were first seen in Northern Italian camps. Some people say that this was better than the old brick fireplace.Berenik on a small natural harbor on the gulf of Sidra, Benghazi was refounded in the Middle Ages.  Benghazi is placed and named after a place in Libya.

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