Thursday, 29 March 2018

IAL: What Figurative Language

IAL: What Figurative Language

I think Metaphor means when you are describing things around you, or when you are explaining what you think about something. 

On Monday for writing we are learning about what is Metaphor!! Here I am explaining about metaphors mean to me. For example, The classroom was a zoo.'

I think Similes mean when you are using the words like or as to describe something.

On Monday for writing we we're learning about Similes, For my blog I was explaining what similes mean to me, for example As brave as a lion, I chose lion for my example because lion are brave so that why I picked As brave as a lion for my example.


I Believe that Onomatopoeia means using sound effects in your story.

On Tuesday for writing we were learning about Onomatopoeia, For example, "The bomb went BOOM!!" Or you can say "To create sounds with words"


WAL: The meaning of 2 language

I think Personification mean when you are giving a Human qualities to Non-Human things

On Tuesday We're learning about Personification. For example, "Lighting was dancing around the sky"


I think Alliteration means when you try repeating beginning sounds
For example "People splash swish slast in the water"


I believe hyperbole means when you Exaggerate something that cannot be true
For example "I was so thirsty I could drink the whole pool"

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