Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Tennis reflection

Tennis And Cricket Reflection

It was a Monday Morning and the class was about to go Tennis And Cricket, Group 1 went Tennis and group 2 went to Cricket. I was in group 2 so I Cricket, After we walked to the courts we got into our group Teresa and Aletheia were the captain, Aletheia picked me to be in her group, so I walked behind her. After all of us was in a group My group were the first ones to Bat, 2 people from our group went to get the bat, and 1 person from the other team pitch the ball. After they got 2 people out, The other Team had a chance to Bat and after our Cricket time was over, we went to the other court and did Tennis. Peter told us what to do and then we raced to the Tennis racket So we can be the first one up and ready to play, Today for Tennis we were doing a double Tennis rally, there we picked up the racket and started to play! After we all had a chance to play and switched we all sat down and waited for Peter to tell us what we liked about Tennis. People raised their hands and answer hes question, After about 5 minutes we lefted and walked to class.

  1. What problems did you encounter while you were at Kiwisport? How did you solve them I had problems with hitting the ball because I couldn't hit the ball gently, Because if i try to hit the ball gently it will go far, so I need to learn how to hit the ball more gently.
  2. How do you feel about Kiwisport this week? Why? I feel good because doing Tennis is making more fit 'cause we are moving well we are running to the ball to try and hit it.
  3. What parts of it did you like? Why? I liked when we did the double rally game it was so fun! and what I also enjoyed was when we trying to hit the cones with the ball.
  4. What parts of it did you dislike? Why? I didn't like that we didn't have lots of time to play Tennis, and that we didn't have lots of room for us to play Tennis.
  5. What did this weeks lesson  tell you about yourself and how you learn? This lesson told we that i could be better if i tried my hardest and that i can learn off other people and how i could do Tennis
  6. What would you like to spend more time on during Kiwisport? I would like to spend more time on, Playing rally with other people
  7. What's the one thing that you have seen in your classmates' during Kiwisport  that you would like to try next time? Everyone does the same thing at Tennis

Here is some Photos of Tennis

Here is us playing Tennis!!

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