Monday, 26 March 2018

Tennis reflection

Tennis Reflection

Today it's the last week of Tennis we learnt how to vs class mates on the Tamaki courts. I was with Kaleb and the people on the other side was Carra and Leilani, They were pretty good just like us. Peter told us we are going to be doing a rally, and when it''s swap other and the person gets a point it go to your point because you guys are in a team. So after a while Peter said to swap over so now it was my turn to play, so Leilani started us off and I quickly tried to hit the ball so she wouldn't get the point but I didn't make it in time so she got the first point, After a while of playing we got up to 20 point has the other team was at 20 aswell, hit after hit after hit, the points went higher and higher, Want our time of playing tennis was over Peter called us over and told us about a Sports club at dunkirk, once he told us about that we left and went off to class.

How do you feel about Kiwisport this week? Why?
Kiwisport was fun because we can spend time with different classmate and it was fun because we were showing teamwork as we were playing!What parts of it did you like? Why?
I liked doing the rally because i am up for challenge, and I liked a double rally, it was fun because we could play with 3 other classmates
What parts of it do you need to work on?
I need to work on hitting the ball to the other student
What did you learn about Volleyball this week?Name at least 2 things that you need to improve on in Volleyball?
I learnt how to hit the ball and what kind of positions we need to be in.
What would you like to do more of in our Volleyball lessons?
I would like to do more versing other members of the Kia manawanui class.

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