Friday, 13 April 2018

Ako Evening

Ako evening

It was Thursday 12th of April, and we were getting ready for the ako evening that was happening after school. I was doing the explanation of our favorite place in Panmure, I finish the presentation so we were put to the artwork. For the artwork we had to draw our favorite which is the Tripoli bakery, Here is the link to our work. 

We started off drawing the road, once we done that we used a black marker to outline the road, then we draw the building, it was pretty hard to draw a perfect line so we grabbed a ruler. We draw a big box then added the door and windows, then at the top of the building we wrote 'Tripoli Bakery, Bakery house' on top. Lizzy gave us an idea to draw the fish & chip shop next to it, and the Tripoli shop as well so we did another box and added windows and doors, once we done that we added the names 'Fish & Chips' and 'Tripoli Shop' Me and Arizona saw that it was to boring so we added color we started off doing the glass, and the flowers, that was on the other side of the shop, we used lots of color for example red, blue, pink and others Lizzy came and did a butterfly on the glass it was pretty, then we colored in the building we colored the Tripoli Bakery purple and the fish & chips shop a green and blue color, then for the Tripoli we colored that blue. After that we did the sidewalk grey and the clouds blue as the french brown.

We finally finished our work so we have our teacher our drawing so she can laminate it. I walked passed Ms. Aireen and she asked were our work is I said I sent it to Ms. Komor and Ms. Aireen said "Okay go tell her to print it" so I walked to Ms. Komor and said "Ms Komor, Ms. Aireen asked if you can print my work" then she said "Where is Centiny" and I said 
"she is in the other room"  
"Can you go get her please"
So I walked to the other room and tapped Centiny on the back and said "Ms. Komor wants you" and she walked to her, I sat down and Ms. Aireen said "Is she printing your work?" and I said "I don't know, do you want me to share it with you?" and she said "Yes go get your netbook" I walked to my locker and opened up my bag and grabbed my netbook, I went on my drive and clicked on my work I waited for it to load and once it did I click share, I wrote Ms. Aireens Gmail and send it to her. Then after that I just sat on the sit and waited for the next instruction.

We grabbed our bags and went to the main room, me and my friends grabbed a milk because we didn't have one, we drank our milk and started to talk to each other, Fine started to cry, it was about a rumor that started about her, I put my hands around her, and patted her on the back until she felt better she wrapped the tears off her faces and calmed down, the bell rang and the Ms. Komor said "is there anyone who is staying here?" and only 2 people put there hands up, and the rest went home.

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