Thursday, 10 May 2018

Kebabs & Salad

Kebabs & Salad 

Today for technology the year 7 are going to be making kebabs and a salad. Me and Arizona and working with each other as Carra was working with Fe'ao and Mason working with Loaf, So we started off by boiling the water after we did that we added in the pasta. As the pasta was cooking we started to cut the veggies. We finished cutting and we check the pasta it was soft and cooked so we took the drainer and drained all the water out of the pasta under cold water. The teacher told us how we have to od our Kebab first off we add the sausage then we added green bell pepper, then the yellow one and then we added another sausage and now we put a tomato and then marshmoom and then another sausage and then done we did that until everything was gone and once it was we put it in the oven on now we added the Pasta in another bowl that Ms. Gave us and put in the pasta with the Veggies that was in it, Once cook Enjoy!!!

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