Tuesday, 1 May 2018

My First Blog Reflection Of Term 2 2018

What I Did In The School Holidays

Today for my first reflection of the year I am going to be talking about 2 interesting things did in the holidays. 

1. The first interesting thing I did in the school holidays was going to the movies, we watched jumanji I already watched it but Leon and Paris hasn't so instead of rampage we watch jumanji, even though I already watched it, it was still funny every time. My favourite character was Kevin Heart I liked him he was super funny I laughed every time, but my favourite bit of the movie is the part when the girl was dance fighting it looked so cool.

2. The second interesting thing I did in the holidays was playing on the Xbox one x. When I went on the Xbox I played fortnite, it was my first time so I didn't really know what to do until my brother told me, so there is a count on the top right corner, and when that count goes to 0 the storm well come and kill you but if you make it to the circle before the storm you won't die but we'll have to fight the other team, there is about 20 people in each team and we have to kill them all and the last team standing wins but if you was killed you can't come back like Call Of Duty so you only get 1 life, I was a noob at the start but then I got the hang of the game.

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