Monday, 9 April 2018

Volleyball Reflection

Volleyball Reflection
WALT: Practice our volleyball skills

The school tournament is tomorrow last week was a pretty busy as because we had to practice our talent show performances we barely had time to practice volleyball because we were just to busy fundraising for our camp, so to make up for it we are going outside to the courts and practicing volleyball.

We walked outside to the tops courts and the teach counted us all she split us in half and 1 group had to stay at the tops courts as the other group goes to the bottom courts. Ms. Komor asked as "How many people are allowed on the court?" we said 6, so 6 people went on the court I was 1 of them. we wait for Ms Komor to tell us to start, our team started it off, they hit the ball as best as they could but they didn't get it over the net so we rolled it to the other team and the person who was serving the ball got it over, one of us hits the ball it went flying, they tried to hit the ball back over but it didn't go over the net. Ms. Komor saw that we weren't saying mine so she keeps remaining us to say it when you think you can go for the ball. It went on, people went off the court and other people came on.

It went on for an hour and Ms. Komor still hasn't taken me off yet, so I keep playing until it went on 10.20 that was when Ms. Komor told me off I finally could have a break, I asked if I could have a water Ms. said yes so I ran to get a water once I was done I came back and waited 9 minutes, and Ms Komor called me back on I went but the ball was in play I should of waited but I didn't, well I learned from my mistake. 10 minutes later Ms. Komor called us back in she said "Okay bring it in, you guys can have a drink then go to class" we raced there, me and Monita tried to be the first one there but lucky I made it just in time, I had a drink then walked up to class, I waited for the student and the teacher to come. The teacher came and open the door, we grabbed our netbooks and did a reflection on netball

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