Friday, 24 March 2017

Research Project

Q & A  Creek

What way does the water goes
It just go straight because the water goes through other pole to tamaki river then it go to the sea/beach

What is the creek’s name
Tamaki river

What kinds of animals live there
Birds  because there is so much trees

When it rain does it feel to the top
Yes because when it was river so bad the creek filled up to the top wait no past the top.

Which way does to face N/E/S/W

What kind of flower grow there
Yes because there is alway flower somewhere

Are there tree that tamaki primary kids have not seen before
No because some tree grow in place but if you get there seed and plant the seed somewhere
else it will not grow the way you want it

Why do we need the other pole
We need it because water come out the first pole and if there is no hole/pole the water will over grow and the creek will just be water

What does creeks have…
They have grass water dirt and rocks

What does creek do #water
Do you know the if we did have windmily the water will not even move and the creek/water just go the way that the wind god but not all the time

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